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Flash Alternatives for ClassAction and NAAP

Flash will be removed from the web in 2020. Already web browsers are making it more difficult to use. We are pleased to announce that ClassAction and the NAAP labs are now available as native apps, for both macOS and Windows (they must be installed on your computer). These apps provide an offline alternative that does not require a browser plug-in.

Visit the downloads page at http://astro.unl.edu/downloads to get the ClassAction and NAAP Labs native apps. Download and run the appropriate files for your system and follow the prompts to install the apps. On Windows, the apps will appear under the AstroUNL folder in the Start Menu. On macOS, the ClassAction and NAAP Labs apps will appear in the Applications folder.

The ClassAction app is nearly identical to the online version. The NAAP Labs app is a work in progress. Currently it includes just the simulations and background interactives. We plan to include the background text so that the entire project will be self-contained. Between these two apps all simulations on the Simulations List Page are now available for use offline, without a browser.

Thursday, October 31, 2019  —  Kevin