UNL Astronomy Education Support Fund

If you have found the educational materials of the https://astro.unl.edu web site useful, please consider making a donation to the development effort. It is tax-deductible! Contributions can be made through the UNL Astronomy Education Support Fund at https://nufoundation.org/fund/01164090/ on the University of Nebraska Foundation website.

Shadow of the UNL Union on the Summer Solstice
The Sun's shadow on the Summer Solstice in the Union Seasons Demonstrator

This fund shall be used to support the wages, benefits, equipment, and travel expenses needed by programmers, web designers, and graphic artists developing content and tools for astronomy education. It is under the direction of:

Dr. Wendy Smith, Director UNL Center for Science, Mathematics, and Computer Education
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Nebraska – Lincoln