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Information and Commonly Received Questions involving Materials Usage

The vast majority of materials on this web site (HTML5 simulations, formative assessment tasks, astronomy demonstration videos, and the legacy versions of  NAAP simulations, ClassAction questions, and ranking/sorting tasks) were developed with NSF and NASA funding and their usage for non-profit educational applications is freely available. Other usage requires carefully negotiated permission. We will answer commonly received questions  below:

Information and Commonly Received Questions involving Code Usage

There has been considerable interest expressed in our code – especially for translating simulation controls into other languages and to a lesser extent adding new features to simulations. All of the released code is in flash and available at https://github.com/astroUNL. We do not believe that further development in flash makes sense today based upon the present direction of the internet.

All of our formative assessment tasks are specified in .iep files that can be downloaded and then the tasks can be extended and tweaked in our interactives editor. Recently developed HTML5 simulations are still in a formative state. The html5 code will be made publicly available at the conclusion of our NSF project.