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UATP Plenary Speakers

The Using Astronomy to Teach Physics Workshop will be held on the UNL campus July 27-30. An impressive list of plenary speakers has recently been announced. The speakers, their institutions, and their topics include:

  • Joseph Amato, Colgate (Teaching Physics with Astronomy)
  • Roger Blandford, Stanford (Keynote Address)
  • Duncan Brown, Syracuse (LIGO)
  • Doug Caldwell, NASA (Kepler ExtraSolar Planets)
  • David Helfand, Columbia (Chandra)
  • Kara Hoffman, Maryland (IceCube)
  • Ed Prather, Arizona (Pedagogical Strategies)
  • Barbara Ryden, Ohio State (Observational Cosmology)
  • Greg Snow, UNL (Pierre Auger Observatory)

More information can be found here.

Monday, June 27, 2011  —  Kevin