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The NAAP Basic Coordinates and Seasons Lab pedagogical objectives are aimed increasing an understanding of Longitude and Latitude, the Celestial Equatorial Coordinate System, the ecliptic and how it relates to seasons.


Course Integration

The Basic Coordinates and Seasons Lab has no prerequisites. It is the introductory segment to The Rotating Sky Lab and the Motions of the Sun Lab, but can serve as standalone content.

This module's content can usually be found very near the beginning of an astronomy course or after a historical segment.


  • The terrestrial coordinate explorers only approximate the shoreline. The globe version is less detailed for rendering issues.
  • The celestial equatorial coordinate explorers only show a small fraction of the stars – even those visible with the naked eye with good conditions.
  • The same year is cycled over and over again in the seasons and ecliptic simulator. Student's should recognize that the solstices and equinoxes vary slightly as to when they occur during the calendar year.