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Astronomy Education Workshops

An Astronomy Education Workshop has been held annually in the fall for more than 20 years. All high school and college instructors of either physics or astronomy are invited to participate. A recurrent theme in our workshops is the use of instructional technology to improve our teaching of astronomy and physics.

Upcoming Events

The first Nebraska Physics & Astronomy Fall Summit will be held in the fall of 2021 (tentative date: October 16).  The exact details have yet to be determined due to Covid, but note that UNL is planning on having regular in-person classes which should make an in-person workshop possible.    

At the last meeting of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers, it was agreed upon to move to this new name and format and that the summit would be held at UNL and organized by Kevin Lee (for a 3-year period and then reevaluated by all involved parties). The plan is that the summit will evenly mix physics and astronomy content with a heavy emphasis on instructional technology. We will continue having choices for attendees and will endeavor to serve more teachers in western Nebraska. The summit will have 4 co-sponsoring organizations:

Past Events