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Information and Commonly Received Questions involving Materials Usage

The vast majority of materials on this web site (NAAP simulations, ClassAction questions, and ranking/sorting tasks) were developed with NSF funding and their usage for non-profit educational applications is freely available. Other usage requires carefully negotiated permission.

Information and Commonly Received Questions involving Code Usage

There has been considerable interest expressed in our code – especially for translating simulation controls into other languages and to a lesser extent adding new features to simulations. All of the released code is in flash. We do not believe that further development in flash makes sense today based upon the present direction of the internet. You should carefully consider this before investing any time and energy in adapting code. You should also think about the fact that flash presents unique challenges in following another's code. Code can be attached to (hidden on) any object in flash.

The present organization of the code is non-optimal. It basically reuses a python script that already existed and thus was the easiest way to get the code up on our web site. You may need to look around (and search creatively) but the code for most (and maybe all) of our larger simulators is presently available. Additional code releases for ranking/sorting tasks and any missing simulations will occur shortly.

The work of a number of programmers – students, staff, and faculty – are represented here. The majority of the code (and all of the masterpieces) are due to the efforts of former staff member Chris Siedell.