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Using ClassAction Materials

To utilize ClassAction materials some type of computer video projection system is needed. Some mechanism by which students vote and the instructor can learn about their voting choices is also needed. Although Personal Response Systems are becoming ever more popular, many classrooms still do not have them and they are not necessary to use ClassAction materials. Students raising colored index cards to convey their vote works almost as well at a fraction of the cost.

example notes for using ClassAction

There are four different types of questions:

Thus, one might broadly categorize the Warm-ups and Discussion as easy and hard questions without voting options and the Practice and Challenge as easy and hard questions with voting options.

Although ClassAction materials are designed to be flexible, it is anticipated that the instructor will enter the classroom with a preselected sequence of questions in mind. This could be as simple as writing down question numbers and the resources necessary to provide feedback on those questions. However, the more familiar that an instructor is with ClassAction materials, the better they will be able to adapt to unanticipated miconceptions from students.

A more thorough introduction to ClassAction is given in this document (pdf).