Pictures from Astronomy Camp

The campers built spectrometers (as well as telescopes and celestial spheres) from kits. These devices spread out the different colors of light.

Campers view the spectral lines produced by hydrogen and mercury dischage tubes with their spectrometers.

A computer lab on the spectral classification of stars. We also did labs on Coordinate Systems and the Celestial Sphere and Kepler's Law.

Dr. Ed Schmidt talks to the students about jobs available in astronomy working for the US goverenment. These included NASA, NSF, and National Observatories. The campers also met astronomers who work teaching high school, at a small college, at a research university, and at a planetarium.

Every student participated in a group presentation on one of the objects they had observed at the telescope.

A final presentation on planetary nebulae. An image of the Ring Nebula taken with the 30-inch telescope is visible on the projector screen.
Dr. Steve Ducharme explains the principles of lasers found in common devices to the campers and their parents.
Dr. Herman Batelaan performs some common physics demonstations and has the campers and their families guess the outcome.

and last but not least, Kinesthetic Astronomy!!

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