Caroline Brauer

Astronomy Pursuit

Project Description:
Astronomy Pursuit is a board game for young astronomers (ages 12-18). Based on Trivial Pursuit, there are four categories of questions: questions about the moon, sun, solar system, and random trivia and pop culture with astronomy. The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Players role the dice, high number wins and the corresponding player moves first. Play then moves counterclockwise.
  2. Role the dice again and move the corresponding number of spaces. Movement may be made in any direction, but only one direction per role.
  3. Player to the left will read the question.
  4. If question is answered correctly, player roles dice and moves again. If the answer is incorrect, play moves to the next player.
  5. Four pieces must be gathered. One from each space at the bottom of each arm.
  6. After a player has collected all four pieces they must move to the center slot on the board (the multi-colored spiral galaxy). Reader picks the final question.

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