Alexis Lehman

Galactic Genius

Project Description:
Each player receives a "classification card" to help identify galaxy types when answering question cards. Most of the questions are worded in such a way that the answer is in the question because the game is designed with kids in mind. Most of the questions are fairly simple for an adult but help children build reading comprehension in addition to map and chart reading skills.

Author's Notes:
For this project I wanted to make something interactive and fun. I drew upon my childhood memories of playing "math games" with my mom each summer and got creative, opening the old jars of glitter to create a "chutes and ladders" inspired galaxy game board. The object of the game is to reach the supernova in the center of the board and become a "galactic genius." Basically it is a trivia game with questions related to galaxies (their formation, size, contents, and shape identification).

I chose to do my project on galaxies because they have captivated me since I was a kid. I am mesmerized by the night sky, and the thought that there is so much out there beyond what my eyes can see is awe-inspiring. In astronomy class I remember enjoying learning about galaxies-the different shapes are so cool! In a picture a galaxy looks like a delicate doodled shape (i.e. a little pinwheel spiral, or swirling circles and discs), when in reality this little image is something massive! Needless to say I spent many hours looking at photos of galaxies online in the creation of this project and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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