Astronomy Education Workshop 2012

  • image003  Physics Chairperson Dan Claes leads the breakout session on the Higgs Boson.
  • image005  Marina Bradaric of UNL and Steve Wignall of Seward High School lead the breakout session on "Squishy Circuits".
  • image004  An up close view of "Squishy Circuit" construction showing the Playdoh.
  • image007  Adam Davis of Wayne State College leads the breakout session discussion on faster-than-light travel.
  • image008  Cliff Bettis of UNL leads a breakout session on "frames of reference" that made use of the department's new foucault pendulum.
  • image006  Jeff Wilkerson (the keynote speaker from Luther College) leads the breakout session on making Color-Magnitude Diagrams of star clusters.
  • image009  UNL's Axel Enders shows how nanoscience and Halloween are related in an afternoon workshop.
  • image001  Todd Leif of Cloud County Community College leads participants at the afternoon workshop on "glass candy".
  • image002  Michael Nydegger of Cloud County Community College supervises a group of participants at the "Glass Candy" workshop.